Notes on Building Python Packages with a Cookiecutter Template

I have been using the tool Flit to build Python packages because it was simple.

Flit is a simple way to put Python packages and modules on PyPI.

I want to try something more complex.

These are some notes to myself about using a Cookiecutter template called cookiecutter-pylibrary.

Using pexpect with cookiecutter as in this example is fragile. Time to read the Cookiecutter documentation on suppressing command-line prompts.

It is a "TODO" to document --no-input

    u'--no-input', is_flag=True,
    help=u'Do not prompt for parameters and only use cookiecutter.json '
         u'file content',

A solution.

Use a cookiecutter.json file.

cookiecutter  ~/projects/cookiecutters/cookiecutter-pylibrary --no-input

Use Python code to create temp directory for output-dir to quickly create "hello world" templates with which to practice building Python libraries

The code is in progress.